About Spain

Spain is a country that is famous for its sights and tourist destinations. It has the largest number of cities that are counted as World Heritage cities and is the second country after Italy to have the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Spain is an exotic and welcoming country in Europe. It has a relaxed lifestyle, a mouthwatering cuisine and a very vibrant nightlife. Spanish people are very friendly and known for this hospitality. Spanish folklore and festivals also contribute to its popularity.

The beaches in Spain are great and the cities are filled with cultural and religious relics. But it is not only a country for long holidays on the beach. This culturally and geographically diverse nation has many surprises for tourists and visitors. Although tourists flock the city during summers for its beaches, you should also visit during the winters to see some of the best attractions.

Spain is also a great country to pursue higher education. You can find out about Spain through several resources. Spanish education is one of the best and the Spanish language is gaining much importance all over the world. Students can get a do study and research in Spain and learn this very popular language at the same time in Spain.


Education is an area of key concern for the authorities in Spain. As part of the Strategic Framework for Education and Training (ET 2020), authorities are striving to improve the quality and efficacy of education and training systems in Spain. One will find both public and private universities in Spain. As per the data from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, in the year 2011-2012, there were 79 universities (50 public and 29 private) all over Spain. These universities collectively conferred 2,413 university degrees; 2,758 official Masters and 1,680 doctorates. Universities of Spain have featured in high positions in all prominent World University Rankings.

Because Spain has always seen heterogeneity in terms of people inhabiting it, it is quite welcoming towards foreigners and sees them as a valuable addition to the already rich cultural landscape of the country. International students, thus, will find this country to be extremely congenial. It goes without saying that the degrees obtained from Spanish universities are recognized world over and attract best employment opportunities


Tuition fee for Masters™ and PhD program is regulated by government at both public and private universities. Costs vary depending upon the subject chosen and the length of the course. A Masters degree is typically one or two years and a PhD degree is about three-five years duration. Living cost in Spain can also vary depending upon location with cities such as Barcelona and Madrid being more expensive than the others. The Universidad de Barcelona (UAB) advises international students to budget ¬1,000 (about US$900-1,300) per month to cover accommodation, travel, food and other expenses.

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